Tuesday, May 17, 2011

P.A.D.----Day 3 5/17/11----16x20

A Few Paintings For the Pulcinella Show

Available @ Pulcinella Pizzeria---Drake and Shields, Fort Collins, CO

NEW paintings at Creative Spirits----An excercise in Tonality---48x48 (each)

This is my study in tonality.  I am highly interested in Tonalism and the effects of using a very limited pallet.  It reminds me very much of doing tonal charcoal drawings.

Paintings are $500 a piece
available @ Creative Spirits Gallery   www.mycreativespirits.com

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 2---5/16/11 10x14

for sale by artist

Day 1---5/15/11

Painting 1 9x12
For sale by Artist

NocturneArts "Painting A Day"

New Art Project:  "Painting a Day" or "P.A.D"

I have decided to put my new found free time to good use.  I am going to paint myself into Oblivion.  My new goal is to paint at least one painting a day while keeping up with my studio and teaching duties.  I have always wanted to take some time to fully dedicate myself to my craft.  Now I'm Going to do it.  These paintings are for sale and priced modestly, but the main goal here is to explore my artistic limits and have a visual record of my progression.  Check Back Every Day for new art.


Front Range Sundown 28x40

Available through Artist

Front Range Meadow 36x48

Available Through Artist


Available @ Creative Spirits Gallery, Ft Collins, CO

Introducing the new NocturneArts blog

Today I am launching my new artistic endeavour.  The new NocturneArts blog featuring artwork by Fort Collins artist, Michael J. Ryan.  The Purpose of this site is to show and follow my new found dedication to my artistic development.  I will post my new *projects and paintings throughout the immediate future.

*My first project being the most important element of this blog.  Michael J. Ryan painting a day Project.