Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Painting. "A Rebirth" 48x48 OIL, Spraypaint, Acrylic, Oil Pastel

So to coincide with my own personal re-birth, I have decided that it is only appropriate to re-invent a piece of mine.
Here is the story.  Beloved friends and owners of Creative Spirits have decided that the city of Fort Collins can not support a business such as theirs and henceforth decided to close their doors.  This was my only representation in Fort Collins.  I had a large number of pieces there waiting to be sold.  And due to my great success as a selling artist, I had to remove those large number of pieces from the gallery.

As an homage to the rebirth of those beloved friends, and my own personal journey through life, self-evaluation and re-invention, I took a piece that did not sell, and decided to burn it down.  Figuratively.  Here was the piece at it's finished state.

I was really quite proud of this piece.  It has a softness and a certain monumentality due to its 48x48 size. 

Over time, while addressing my own confusion as to my personal identity as an artist.  I decided that it was time to revisit my roots.  While many of my pieces seem traditional in temperament, they were composed with the same artistic ethic that once inhibited my soul.  I used to use spraypaint and graffiti elements, many drawing supplies (and the knowledge of their use i aquired over seven succesfull years of being a loly art student) and any other thing i had lying around.  So in honor of all of these things, I bought the spraypaint, dug up some other things and created this out of the above piece.

Sometimes you have to break out of a funk, by just saying :FUCK IT