Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Work and Etsy Site

And the people rejoiced!  Michael Ryan is now caught up (for now) with the 21st century.  I now have a live Etsy site, where you can buy my paintings online, and have them shipped to you with a click of the mouse.  You can visit my site at www.etsy.com/shop/nocturnearts .

I have recently been working on a series of small(er) paintings in three series.  I'd like to take the opportunity to talk about my new themes and describe the path that we have laid before us.  I plan on working with these themes for the next few months.  The goal, is to reach a certain productivity level in the studio.  As the seasons change, painting is in the air.

Series 1:  The "Homestead" series.

"Homestead 1": oil on wood  22x34

Growing up a good Midwestern lad, my family and I would often take trips out west.  Being a Midwestern family, on a Midwestern budget, we usually drove.
Long trips in the car through the baron west were always highlights for me growing up.  Whether we were heading to Colorado, or San Francisco, drives through the sparse  and expansive panoramic west have stuck with me.  As I grew into a young man, I drove west on two separate occasions to explore the state of Oregon, experiencing the depth of the wild west first hand.  I have driven through almost every western state in almost every condition imaginable.  Blizzards in Yellowstone, Tornadoes in the bad lands and Nevada heat so stifling, you swear to yourself that the devil is looking over your shoulder and breathing hot surfer on the back of your neck.
      Subconsciously, I have developed a deep kinship with the West and the Little towns that litter the interstates and dot the rivers from the Mississippi to the Columbia.
       The "Homestead" series depicts these little pockets of humanity in the unforgiving landscape.  I really want to convey the feeling that these little towns/ dwellings have a sign outside that reads:  "next stop:  250 miles".  Imagine the delight and relief an old time pioneer would feel when they trudge over a hill and see the glint of rooftops in the distance.  whether its the journeys end, or a temporary pit stop, these small settlements were beacons of the new world.  Signals of opportunities, and the promise of new life.

Veins Series:

Veins 1

Veins 2

Veins 3

The Veins series expresses a constant player in my imagery:  Nature's organized chaos.  The natural order of things is, at the same time, completely random and evolving, and unfathomably precise.  I am fascinated with the patterns in the natural world.  I love the symmetry and repetitive nature of all living things.  At the macro-logical level, the world seems so huge and chaotic, however, the closer and closer you focus on individual elements in the natural world, the more things come together and make sense, until you focus so small that it becomes uncomprehendingly complex again.  All living things are made up of arterial and circulatory systems.  If you look at a human circulatory system through a microscope, and the layout of a river and its tributaries from the sky, the shapes mimic each other.  Everything is made up of fractal , from the most advanced, intelligent species of animal, to the root system of a houseplant.  
       The Veins series depicts these little arteries in the natural world.  Organized Chaos.

Sentiments Series:

Sentiments 1

Sentiments 2

Sentiments 3

Sentiments 4

The Sentiments Series will be a real experiment in tone and feeling.  Here I want to convey a soft, euphoric sentiment.  Painting these is real meditation for me, as I force myself to work in this moody hue.  The paintings are meant to soften your eyes and melt your subconscious.  They make me feel good.  I hope they do the same for you.

If you are interested in purchasing or suggesting any of the  paintings above, visit my etsy site.  The Link is At the top of the blog site.  Thanks---Mike

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