Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Work and Where to Find It

My Filthy Frontrange Romance continues this Winter.  I bunkered down in my little hole and painted all winter.  I aqired some new walls and some new opportunities.  Here is an overview of what I've got out there and where to find it.

Dynamik Ceramix ---200 N. College Ave. Fort Collins, Co----
                                   Located on the south side of the building.  Awesome "paint your own Pottery"
                                   studio.  Next to Lloyd's Art Center.  Hours: 12-6pm mon-sat, 1-5pm sun

What's Here:  Several things.  I call it Mike's Fun-house.  There are examples of work from my college days, self portraits, *studio overflow, painted pottery, any new works I don't have a place for.  Right now, I have added the following paintings to the walls.  Note:  Nicole pulled some magic tricks to get these photos in a dark basement in the middle of winter.  They are almost perfect, but you really must see them in person.

"Veins 1"
oil on canvas

"Homestead 1"
oil on wood

"Veins 2"
oil on canvas

"Sentiments 1"
oil on canvas
Other stuff at this site:

There are varying degrees of success here at Dynamik Ceramix.
Masterpieces and Disasterpieces alike

Pulcinella Pizzeria
2550 E Harmony Rd. Fort Collins Co---Local Pizzeria.  Sells great pizza and cooincidentally, hangs great art.  Match made in Heaven.  This is the Harmony location of the Pizzeria.  I have had in the past, and will have in the future, had work at the drake location.

Whats Here:  Paintings from the "Filthy Frontrange Romance" series.  Large oils, great stuff.

"Big Sky Energy"

"Frontrange Horizon" 

"Dutch Morning"

There are several others at this site as well.

Anyone interested in visiting this stuff can strutt on in.  You can purchase the paintings at the locations above or through me at

Starting in March I will be showing at the Drake Pulcinella @ 1119 w Drake Rd. Ft Collins

There will be several never before seen paintings being unveiled.  Will be open by mid march

******Keeping Checking in with me to learn details about the upcoming "Edges of the Day" show coming to both fort Collins and Iowa sometime this spring summer!!!!******

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