Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Revolving work on Display At Dynamik Ceramix

For the past six months or so I have been working at a paint your own pottery studio in Fort Collins.  The owner Nancy has been incredibly supportive of my artistic endeavors and has given me the go ahead to hang my artwork around the store.  I plan on opening up for some artwalks in the future.

The Paintings hanging in Dynamik Ceramix are more or less hanging in Limbo.  I tend to work on paintings in mass, and over long periods of time.  Most of the Paintings hanging here are either finished or in a constant state of un-ending transformation that can only be broken by someone rescuing it from my grips.

As you can see, the space is not intended to be a gallery.  For years the walls at Dynamik Ceramix have been clad in their pink veil.  Not something I can change right now.  If by some grace of God, I begin selling work out of this place, I think i will have a bit more slack to try to move art full time.

If A painting looks good on these walls, Imagine what it would look like in a space where it could shine.  Like above a couch, or in a hallway.  Or tattooed on your face.

Dynamik Ceramix, located at 200 n. college ave in Fort Collins is right in the heart of Old Town.
The store is like a hidden treasure chest, offering the fort collins area a chance to decorate usable, functional pottery.  From Princess Figurines to large ornate ceramic platters, Dynamik Ceramix has a lot to offer to people of all ages.  In the past few weeks alone, we have fascilitated get togethers in a range of catagories.  , First communion chalise decoration, bridal showers, school functions, non-profit get togethers etc.

Anyway.  Anyone in the Fort Collins/ Denver area should take a trip to the studio to paint some pottery, or o view original paintings by myself, and three dimensional work by Christina Friday.

200 N. College ave
Fort Collins, CO


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