Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Presenting Nicole Mathes Photography

Nicole Mathes lives in Fort Collins, Co,  She was trained in dark room photography at Northern Iowa University in Cedar Falls, IA.  Although passionate about the dark room, Nicole has branched out into the digital age with beautiful results.  She continues to be adaptable and resourceful in her endeavors.

When you live in Colorado, something as ordinary as an afternoon walk on a trail can provide an exciting opportunity to capture beautiful moments caught in time.  Nicole takes advantage of that fact whenever her hectic schedule affords her invaluable spare time.

Along with NocturneArts, Nicole is involved with Colorado Handmade online magazine and the Print Cafe in Fort Collins.  She lives with her boyfriend and her cat.

"Living Together"

"Peekaboo, I See You"

"He Goes"

"Fork in the Roof"

"A Beaut"

"Into the Sky"

"Organic Color"


"The Shadows Think"

"Trail of Red Paint"

"This Old Tree"

For more information on Nicole Mathes Photography:
e-mail me @ michael.ryan.nocturnearts@gmail.com
contact the artist @ ipictured@hotmail.com

Nicole Will be showing soon in Colorado so stay tuned for show dates and event times.

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