Friday, November 23, 2012

The Return of the Blog. Comprehensive Update

Well.  It has been well over a year since I have spent any good time on my blog.  So I am relaunching it.

Here is what I have been up to lately:

First major thing is the new  I built a new all access website that people can view, discuss, and buy my artwork.  That has been a large work in progress.  It is now completely live and running well.  I now have some free internet time, and will now use that on this blog.

The last year has been a great experience.

It all started when I was selected for the 2012 Loveland, CO transformations project.  I was commissioned to paint a large electrical transformer box in July.  It went really well.  Here are some pics:

The transformer box was a great experience for me and I plan on doing more of them!!!

I was also selected to take part in the Fort Collins, CO "Pianos about town" project.  I was commissioned by the city to paint a donated piano for the residents of Fort Collins to play in public.
And here are some photos:

This was a really fun experience!!!

Now for an update on my paintings.  Get ready.  All of these paintings are on display at  Check there often for buying info.  I am now going to flood you with images and promotional materials:

For Information on any and all of these paintings visit

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